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            About Us

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             Your Best HR Partner

            Takahiro Kijima
            Managing Director / PERSOLKELLY China

            Established in 1996, PERSOLKELLY China has been constantly developing along with the growth of China.
            As an end-to-end human resources service company, PERSOLKELLY China values the “common development between employees and the company”. It has severed over 9000 corporate clients providing recruitment and HR consulting services. It is located in 5 cities in China, i.e. Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
            The development of a company highly correlates with “Human” in the economic booming China. PERSOLKELLY China offers various services to support clients’ growth in addition to providing opportunities to job seeking candidates.

            The growth of employee stimulates the development of the company. While a better company creates more opportunities to employees.

            We shall become you reliable HR partner coping with increasingly fierce competition in China. And shall contribute to the social development of China by promoting “common development between employees and the company”.